Net neutrality again before the House

By Paul Jay, CBC New Democrat digital affairs critic Charlie Angus has tabled another bill designed to enshrine the principle of net neutrality, his second attempt to bring the issue to the House of Commons through a private member’s bill. Bill C-398 will

Canadian astronaut Thirsk bound for International Space Station

That’s going to be interesting!

Canadian astronaut Robert Thirsk is a member of a six-person crew that
will live on the International Space Station for six months. On May
27, he and two other crewmates are scheduled to launch from Kazhakstan
to join the other three already aboard the station.

Retro Gift

Retro Radio like T got us
Retro Radio like T got us

T got me a nice little surprise yesterday 🙂

It made out of real wood and the sound is very decent. It’s really something hybrid, it does play vinyl but there is also a table player.

Classic so far? yep, but where it get interesting it’s that the CD player is actually not really a CD player but a CD recorder! So you can simply convert records and tape into CD where you could then use to convert them to mp3 with your pc.

There is also input for ipods others digital media.

Even the remote is cool having the same color tones that the unit has.

Will be fun to listen to OTR show on this!

It’s a great gift and i recommend it 🙂

You can check it on Amazon: ITRR-501 Recordable Retro Turntable

Zune phone again!

Again again and again!

A Microsoft promotional Twitter account tells fans that a new product launch is coming and hold off from buying a Palm Pre. The idea that Microsoft may release a Zune-phone, based on its portable music player, has once again resurfaced. Although the likelihood of a…