Post to wordpress strait from Yahoo! Mail Application

Today Yahoo! added in my Y! mail application, among them a WordPress Apps.
See to offer the same features that i would have from the Post/Add new on my own admin page.

You only need to give it your XMPRPC url and user/pass.

(this post have been made with it)

iPhone 3.0 improve podcast listening

You can now rewind by 30sec increment and speed playback up. Cool for talk only podcast, you could go trough a 60min in 30 min! And it’s very listenable, it’s time compression so voices don’t end all like Mickey mouse.

More later! As i discover new features.

AvantGo Going Away

Sad. I was using this for so long. Was still synching my T3 with it every day, just in case the iPod touch would fail. Will miss it.

AvantGo , a popular offline browser for PDAs and smartphones, will cease to exist as of the end of June. Sybase, AvantGo’s parent company, has announced that it will close down the service at the end of the month. AvantGo has been around since the days of the first Palm Pilot’s. The service provided mobile formatted online content channels with an offline browser and desktop synchronization client. It started out as a Palm OS service and was also ported to Windows Mobile PDAs and Symbian Phones. PalmInfocenter published a review of AvantGo v3.3 way back in April 2000.

ISP spying begins in UK, as Universal, Virgin ink a deal

In a first-of-its-kind deal, Universal and Virgin Media have agreed on a U.K. plan that makes Universal’s entire catalogue available – DRM-free – for a monthly subscription price, while Virgin will take a more active role in identifying unauthorized downloading of the label’s music, The New York Times reports. …

One of the best apps for Palm now avaiable for the iPhone

And cheap too

Rejoice, Microsoft Office and iPhone users, because now you can edit, create, and view Microsoft Word files. Dataviz Documents To Go doesn’t bring Excel editing as promised , but at least is here now for $5. The Excel creation and editing will be a free upgrade if you buy now. Like the rest of the Dataviz mobile editors, Documents to Go for iPhone uses InTact, which retains the format of edited files at all times. They also have another version for $10, which also supports Exchange attachments. [ Documents to Go and Documents To Go with Exchange Attachments ]


The migration of to a different host wasn’t too painful. It’s more lacking time this weekend to really play with it that made this outage long. But really, i think that what worked faster to get everything back like it was was to copy file to file every thing from the old host, then copy fresh file from the wordpress install (this way i keep the add on files there) then instead of trying to import from the import tool of wordpress i simply exported the mysql database then imported it back to the new host. But that will only work if you configure the mysql server exactly like the host was.

So far everything work, now i’ll have to spend some time to fix the Gallery2. Might be harder.