Don’t cheap out on part when building or upgrading!

I’ve never really checked what was inside my computer when i bought it a couple of years ago. Got an awful data lost on one of the hard drive (it’s not that bad 99.9% is on a backup ( power supply of the backup machine is kaput 🙁 ) )

I thought I was stuck with the infamous Seagate 7200.10 hard drive problem that some people had, already had one fail on my a few month ago, so it was easy to point the finger at this again. But that all the pictures on a disk got corrupted all at the same was a bit weird. Looked like it was an overheat problem but the cooling system was o.k.

Finally did a full system test yesterday and one of the memory dimm is gone banada, problem is that it went undetected by the system. If I had ECC dimm instead that would not have gone unnoticed!

So having a Raid 1 setup because you don’t trust you disks is one thing, but if you memory is corrupted on the motherboard it’ll will write crazy stuff to the array anyway and corrupt stuff.

A chain is a good as it’s weakest link they said! It’s true!

Scrap the CRTC, petition urges ? Maybe it’s a little too far!

Why scrap? Fix it instead!

We need an board like that. But it need to work.

Can’t just let the system regulate itself. That’s why the mobile services are so expensive in Canada and that our Internet providers have free reign like they have right now.

read this:

Scrap the CRTC, petition urges
An online petition to dissolve the CRTC has attracted hundreds of signatures in the wake of the regulator’s ruling against independent internet providers last week.

What do you think?

Twitter account hacked

It seem that there is a little epidemy on twitter a lot of account got hacked so you might see post that you never made telling your follower that the cari’s  system for weightlost it the greatest thing ever.

I got hacked myself!! which is very scary since I run anti virus and spyware checker  (all up to date) all the time!!

So I really wonder how did they got to my password.

I may have left the password on some service that will post update from livejournal to twitter. I bet it’s how so many account got compromised so fast.

I guess we will know more about this very soon!

I’ll update



Comet carries a building block of life

This news resurface all the time! 

Comet carries a building block of life
Life on earth came, if not from ancient astronauts, in part from outer space. NASA astronauts have discovered an amino acid, glycine, essential for life on earth, on a comet, confirming a long-held theory that the building blocks for life came from outer space, Info Week reports….

Palm Pre Snoops on Users by Phoning Data Home

I really love palm. But this is very dissapointing.

Palm Pre Snoops on Users by Phoning Data Home
A programmer finds that the Palm Pre’s operating system webOS sends users’ GPS location to Palm every day, along with data on which WebOS apps they use and for how long. The move triggers concerns over data collection on consumer behavior by handset makers.

Can Zune HD topple the iPod touch?

I think It would do even better if it was called Xbox portable!
Can Zune HD topple the iPod touch?

Microsoft is having a hard time breaking into the portable media player market, but can the combination of the Zune HD, along with undercutting Apple be what finally works? by Adrian Kingsley-Hughes

Apple planning Sept. music event; No hint of a tablet

Maybe it’s for that new type of digital album thinghy!

Report: Apple planning Sept. music event; No hint of a tablet
Apple is reportedly preparing for a big media event early next month and it appears that whatever the company has to offer will have something to do with music. Techmeme All Things Digital’s Peter Kafka reports on his Media Memo blog that “multiple music industry sources” are…

Canadian cellphone rates among world’s worst

You think it will change?

The average Canadian cellphone user is paying among the highest bills in the developed world, according to a new international study.