Is Apple going to far this time?

I never smoked in my life, don’t intent to. But I really think it’s pushing thing too far?
What’s next?
I agree that smoking is not good for your health. But I just think that most producer or hardware are chicken and any reason to invalidate the warranty is good for them, what about cooking smoke? you have a fireplace at home producing some some? bad too?
Apple says and it’s fan too that they are the best made computer you can get! But now they are suddenly vulnerable to smoke? Why older model are not also plagued buy it? Weird that it’s a problem now when the number of smoker is at it’s lowest! hum!
Maybe next time that warranty will be void because the location where you used it wasn’t fengshui?
Here’s the article on  ZDNET about this:

Apple to smokers: butt out or void your warranty
Smokers beware: Apple has begun denying warranty coverage on Macs that have been exposed to smoke. Even those covered under Apple’s expensive extended warranty program. by Jason D. O’Grady

More about Chapters ebooks

Good news it’s the ePub format that Chapters has chosen.

I was hoping for the Nook but so far theses are the supported eReader devices:

ePub files purchased on can also be read on the following eReading devices:

* PRS-300 Reader Pocket Edition
* PRS-505 Reader Digital Book
* PRS-600 Reader Touch Edition
* PRS-700BC Reader Digital Book
* Asktak (EZ Reader, EZ Reader Pocket Pro, Mentor)
* BeBook (One, Mini)
* Bookeen (Cybook Opus, Gen 3)
* COOL-ER Classic
* Elonex eBook 600
* HanLin eBook (V3, V5)
* IREX Digital Reader 1000S
* Neolux NUUT2

Chapters is doing ebook too

The Canadian book will not miss this train and will be selling book too.

I’ll come back to you with more information about the format they will
be using.

At the first glance the title available look a lot like & Barnes & Noble

Dell’s answer to Apple’s Mac mini

Not the pink one please. But it’s about time the concept is adapted to pc. But why everything have to be brander HD theses days?


Dell’s answer to Apple’s Mac mini – The Inspiron Zino HD

It seems to be no secret that Dell is slowly taking on Apple. First we saw the Adamo XPS, Dell’s take on the MacBook Air, and now we see a Mac mini clone – The Inspiron Zino HD. by Adrian Kingsley-Hughes

Yahoo criticized by the father of PHP

From Valleywag:

Über-Programmer Ditches Yahoo Over ‘Lame’ Microsoft Deal

No one likes Yahoo’s search deal with Microsoft. Wall Street wanted more up front money; tech elites called it an abdication, a “shame” and “seppuku.” Now Yahoo is losing a programming icon over the embarrassing arrangement.

Rasmus Lerdorf, inventor of the PHP programming language, confirms he is leaving the company. “It has only been a couple of days,” he told us by email yesterday. “I really don’t know what is next yet… I am enjoying having a bit more time to play with pet projects this week.”

Lerdorf, whose widely-used programming and templating system has been especially popular among Web startups, declined to elaborate on why he left Yahoo. But he was blunt about the matter on Twitter this past summer, just moments after the Yahoo announced a pact in which Microsoft would power its search results — previously handled by in-house code — while Yahoo would continue to sell ads against the results:

If we had to guess where Lerdorf might end up, we’d lay our money on Facebook, a PHP shop and a fast-growing one at that. The massive social network has no doubt pushed Lerdorf’s language to the edges of its performance envelope. More importantly, the young company shows no inclination to outsource software development to its largest competitor and turn itself into a second-tier advertising network.

Really a rumour, too good to be true

According to Gizmodo:

LEAK: Project Natal Shipping in November 2010 with 14 Games for Under $80? [Rumor]
That’s a lot of information to swallow in the headline, but a leakster to MCV (a respected UK gaming pub) may have outed Project Natal launch plans early.

The information is apparently the result of behind-closed-door meetings in the UK between Microsoft and third party developers. Microsoft will be manufacturing 5 million Natals for a worldwide launch in November 2010 (some of those standalone, some

of those in 360 bundles), and price is a major concern for the company. Those who left meetings were under the impression that Natal alone will run anywhere from $50-$80 with 14 games included—”impulse buy” territory.

I’ve always expected that Natal would launch inexpensively, closer to new Wii hardware and PS webcams than an actual new console. But $50 would be a very tempting sweet spot, indeed. [MCV via Kotaku]

NASA’s Scrubbed Escape Pod Glides to New Home

To the future and …….
…… The museum?
NASA’s Scrubbed Escape Pod Glides to New Home
NASA’s cute, wingless escape pod for the International Space Station, which was in development until 2002, finally has a home. Sadly, it’s not in space, but in Ashland, Nebraska at the Strategic Air and Space Museum.