Mars Rover Spirit is Now a Stationary Research Platform

It will never move again!
From: NASA Science News
NASA Science News for January 26, 2010NASA announced today that Spirit cannot be freed from its Martian sandtrap. Now the rover will begin a second career as a stationary science platform.

iTtunes LP for books ?

The way it’s described it sound like it! But do you want a book with multimedia embeded? It’s been done before! It was called a cd-rom in the 90’s and the web afterward!

Could it fly? Can’t say I heard the lP on iTunes are a succes!

Rumor: Ebooks for Apple Tablet, From Harper Collins [Rumors]

According to the WSJ, HarperCollins Publishers is in talks with Apple about providing ebooks for Apple’s tablet. It’s speculated that ebook markets such as Amazon’s would
seriously suffer if such an arrangement were finalized.

Based on explanations by Brian Murray, the chief executive of HarperCollins, the reason Amazon would initially have something to fear is that “e-books enhanced with video, author interviews and social-networking applications could command higher retail prices for publishers than current e-books” in the future. Apple’s tablet would, of course, be ideal for such enhanced content, and we already know that they’ll be digging for mags, newspapers and college textbooks but this is some of the first we’ve heard of Apple negotiating with publishers for regular e books.

Ah, I suppose we’ll be able to speculate some more on January 27th, in the meantime—on the tablet or not—”enhanced ebooks” sound like a blast. Just imagine how often you’ll say that something was way better with the author commentary. [WSJ]

Wozniak’s love the Nexus

Et tu, Brute?

On Gizmodo: Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak’s Favorite Gadget? The Google Phone [Apple]

Yes, you read that right. Steve Wozniak, Apple co-founder and Gizmodo guest contributor extraordinaire, has confessed that his favorite gadget is Google’s Nexus One. Oh Woz, my darling, you just broke my iPhone-powered heart.

We know that Woz picked up an iPhone right when it first came out and it’s
perfectly OK that he picked up a Nexus One right on its release day, too. But proclaiming the Google device as his favorite gadget? Ouch.

I do wonder what his reasons are for that proclamation when he also explained that an iPhone is still his main cellphone.

Telus want you to use your unlocked phone with them

I was cheking for new products and rates on thiers site and found this :

Telus’ Sim Card

This is a great move from Telus, being open to unlocked phone will certainly help to kick innovation in this sector in Canada. Now it will be interesting to see if others player in Canada will follow.

Another gadget that will be thedered to a mobile phone tower

And another monthly bill for you!

Do we really need a super sized iPhone? Not me!

On gizmodo: Orange Chief Confirms Apple Tablet With Built-In Webcam [Blockquote]
“Oui.” That’s what Stéphane Richard—Orange’s Chief Executive Officer Delegate—answered to French journalist Jean Pierre Elkabbach on radio Europe 1, when asked about the imminent launch of the Apple tablet. He talked about a built-in web cam too:

Jean Pierre Elkabbach: According to Le Point, your partner Apple will launch a Tablet…

Stéphane Richard:


Jean Pierre Elkabbach: …with a webcam…

Stéphane Richard: Yes.

Jean Pierre Elkabbach: …would Orange users benefit from this?

Stéphane Richard: Sure! They are going to benefit from the web cam, they are going to be able to, in effect, transmit images in real time. We are going to modernize, in essence, the video phone that we knew a few years ago… the size of the resolution, and the quality of the resolution will be better, and it will be available to all in France.

From good to bad!

Originally it was thought it could give you brain cancer, now it might protect your from Alzheimer’s.

this is according to a study published by Gary Arendash, a research professor with the Florida Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center.

Check this article : Could Your Cell Phone Help Shield You From Alzheimer’s?