Bye bye WebOS ?

It’s sad, Palm allays been an innovator, but this time I guess it was too late in the game to have significance. Will be hard to be special when your hardware run the same os than 15 others models.

Article from wired:

Rumor: Palm May Ditch WebOS for Android
An anonymously-sourced, unconfirmed memo partially quoted on Slashdot purports to show that Palm is ready to ditch the failing WebOS – which powers its Pre smartphone – and instead become yet another Android handset maker. The full memo was promised to be posted on Wikileaks at midnight Eastern last night. It is still not there.

iTunes preparing to charge for podcast?

I just noticed this new column this morning! it’s called “Price”!!

Is Apple preparing to charge for some podcast?

I know that some podcasted have been dreaming of this revenue model over an advertisement based. But seriously, you show is better to be very good for me to pay. I know that advertisers have been more than slow to embrace podcasting but i’m not sure that a paying model is going to work either.

I’ve checked around and haven’t found more about this for now, but will continue to dig.