Can Aspirin treat breast cancer?

I haven’t tried Flipboard in a while and I’ve stumbled on this interesting article :

Can Aspirin treat breast cancer? Why aren’t we trying to find out? :

I really think that government should step up in medical research, if it’s only left in the hands of privates enterprises I think only short term goals and profit will be considered. After all they are not charities.




New name, broader goal.

Yes, i thought the “Tech journal” was too limiting after all. Got too conflicted posting stuff that wasn’t 100% pure tech news and then, i feel theses posts get so outdated fast. I fell more about posting geeky stuff that i feel is interesting for me and the other geeks. I like also to give tips and review of stuff when i can.

For this reason i’ll change the name of this website, of course it’s still but it won’t be “Ennev’s Tech journal” It will be Ennev’s It’s a geek geek world.

What will it be about? it will be more personal and more about my general interest in tech, popular culture, music (DJing and production in general) and photography, although the photography stuff will be more link to where my photography on

That’s it’s for now and I hope you’ll like the new direction this blog is taking.

A note for scammers that think they are new media specialist

When you live a comment giving me #$%#$ because I’ve rejected your previous comment because it was:

  1. in the spam filter
  2. because it was totally off topic

Also it doesn’t make you look more legit when you leave as your website and that the email address is not valid either. Maybe you want to convince me that your services will help make my website a lot of money. The only thing you did was to lose credibility.

But writing this did entertain me for 5 min.


p.s. if I was making 900$ a day with a scam like yours I would not be wasting time on other people website complaining about my comment not being published.