Adobe’s CEO: “we are evaluating additional options”

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A follow up to my post from few days ago: during the Adobe’s earnings call yesterday, the company’s President and CEO Shantanu Narayen had this to say on their decision to move Photoshop to a cloud based subscription:

“Our decision to discontinue perpetual licensing of new versions of our desktop products has caused concern with some customers. While we will continue to offer CS6 on a perpetual basis, the feedback from our community is important and we are evaluating additional options that will help them with the transition. Our goal is to over-deliver on customer expectations, which we believe will make the entire community ultimately embrace Creative Cloud.”

Hopefully Adobe will provide some additional options besides a lifetime cloud subscription.

In the mean time, Photoshop CC has already been pirated one day after the oficial announcement.

shameless plug


I have decided to spawn my photography stuff into a new blog and keeping this one exclusively for tech, it does not mean that I will never talk imagery, but will probably be more about the hardware/software than the picture taking itself.

So feel free to visit:

Thanks to wordpress multi-site features 🙂

New toy

Just got an android phone just for the fun of it, I got a cheap Samsung Galaxy 550.

I mainly use my Ipad and will still do so, but I thought it could be interesting to see what is on the other side after all theses years of using apple’s product.

So far I am impressed with what this little 98$ phone gives. Android itself is o.k. but it is no ios. I think it is easier to work with an iPhone/iPad, you can still get a lot done if not more with Android, but you will need to be a geek to do so.

Will keep you updated on how is life with this.

You think your camera is big?


I think it will take a very long while before we see this done digital 🙂 What do you think?

The World’s Largest Camera and Photograph

In the summer of 2006, the biggest Pinhole camera in the world was built in an aircraft hangar in Irvine, California, USA. But it wasn’t just the biggest Pinhole camera ever – It’s also approved by the Guinness Book of Records as being the world’s largest camera of any kind AND it took the largest photo in history! This work of art was called ‘The Great Picture’ – Read on to find out more about the stunning achievement.