About Podcasting

So it look like mevio.com is no longer hosting “non profit” podcast, I don’t know if it’s just a bug or it’s a decision they have taken recently, but the thing is, is that they haven’t publicized it yet and as far as I know a lot of producer got theirs account suspended without notice or explanations. I know some of us wrote for an explanation and have yet to get an answer. The files are still up from what I see but the rss feed and webpage have been removed. I have only posted public domain material on this podcast I was having, so i don’t think it was brought down for copyright issues.

It is just bad timing because I was going to produce new episodes and try to bring it back alive, I was neglecting it since a few years.

Anyway, for the moment I have relocated it. So if you are intrigued about Old Time Radio Show just try it:
The “New” Odd and Not show

The website is at : http://oddandnotshow.ennev.net/

iTunes preparing to charge for podcast?

I just noticed this new column this morning! it’s called “Price”!!

Is Apple preparing to charge for some podcast?

I know that some podcasted have been dreaming of this revenue model over an advertisement based. But seriously, you show is better to be very good for me to pay. I know that advertisers have been more than slow to embrace podcasting but i’m not sure that a paying model is going to work either.

I’ve checked around and haven’t found more about this for now, but will continue to dig.