LogMeIn No Longer Free

I’ve just received the message below this morning!

It’s theirs service and I don’t mind that they are changing the term, but it’s kind of a short notice no?LogMe

Begin  message:

From: The LogMeIn Team
Date: January 21, 2014 at 8:27:52 EST
To: ennev
Subject: Notice: Important changes to your LogMeIn Free account
Reply-To: replies

LogMeIn Free will no longer be available starting January 21, 2014
Important changes to your LogMeIn Free account.
As of January 21, 2014, LogMeIn Free will no longer be available. To continue using remote access, you will need to purchase an account subscription of LogMeIn Pro.

A new Pro account includes our signature remote access with premium features like remote printing, file transfer and cloud data access, plus desktop, iOS and Android apps to improve your experience.

As a loyal LogMeIn user, you are eligible for discounted introductory pricing. Subscription packages start at $49/year for two computers (50% off regular price)*. Visit the pricing page for details, and buy now.

Thank you for your continued support. We look forward to serving you for many years to come.

The LogMeIn Team

Please visit out blog for more information.

*Introductory prices apply only to the first year of your subscription.

Privacy Policy |  LogMeIn Inc, 320 Summer St., Boston MA, 02210

10% of U.S. Electricity Comes From Old Russian Nuclear Warheads

10% of U.S. Electricity Comes From Old Russian Nuclear Warheads

10% of U.S. Electricity Comes From Old Russian Nuclear Warheads

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Hi guys!
Just a quick post about iOs7, so far I like it, no real glitch with the installation except on my iPad gen 3.
The problem was that after the upgrade I wasn’t able to use iMessage or Facetime anymore, I tried clearing the users setting etc. Finally I had to restore the entire thing, wasn’t too painful with the iCloud backup, and was sure I would have to reinstall all the apps one by one. It worked surprisingly well.

Now I’m just wondering if anybody tried on an iPhone 4?