Nintendo shutting down Wii online services in June

testI guess it will make a few angry, is it a way to push users to the wii U ?

From destructoid :

Nintendo shutting down Wii online services in June

Nintendo is set to kill off many of the Wii’s online services in June, running a sword through Nintendo Channel, News Channel, Forecast Channel, Everybody Votes Channel, and Mii Contest Channel. Data exchange in certain games will also be ended.

The Wii Shop Channel will continue to be in effect, because there’s no way a publisher would ever shut down something involving your money. The “Today’s Accomplishment” message board feature is being preserved as well.

With the Wii U out and Nintendo selling an offline Wii Mini, it looks like it can’t justify those online features anymore. Sucks for any Wii owners who may still like them. They probably won’t all flock to a Wii U over this, though.

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Really a rumour, too good to be true

According to Gizmodo:

LEAK: Project Natal Shipping in November 2010 with 14 Games for Under $80? [Rumor]
That’s a lot of information to swallow in the headline, but a leakster to MCV (a respected UK gaming pub) may have outed Project Natal launch plans early.

The information is apparently the result of behind-closed-door meetings in the UK between Microsoft and third party developers. Microsoft will be manufacturing 5 million Natals for a worldwide launch in November 2010 (some of those standalone, some

of those in 360 bundles), and price is a major concern for the company. Those who left meetings were under the impression that Natal alone will run anywhere from $50-$80 with 14 games included—”impulse buy” territory.

I’ve always expected that Natal would launch inexpensively, closer to new Wii hardware and PS webcams than an actual new console. But $50 would be a very tempting sweet spot, indeed. [MCV via Kotaku]

A new Wii

Does it really need an update? It’s not the power that made it different but the gameplay no?

Next Generation Wii Coming With HD Graphics and New Controller in 2011 [Nintendo]

Leave it to Yoichi Wada—president of final fantasizer Square Enix, the biggest Japanese game house—to break the news about the next generation Nintendo Wii. All while predicting that Microsoft and Sony motion efforts won’t be “truly successful.”

Wada says that the next-generation, high definition Wii will offer the same capabilities as the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, while adding a brand new motion controller. We will have to wait till 2011 to see it, like previous rumors pointed out. [Joystiq]

Nostalgia 09-09-09

Sega Dreamcast
Sega Dreamcast

09-09-09 was famous for another thing 10 years ago!! And it wasn’t about the Beatles (now that i think of it, I don’t remember anything special about the Beatles back then)

Today 10 years ago was the release of the Sega Dreamcast. It was released on the market almost a year before the PlayStation 2. Sony hadn’t anything ready, but was trowing all kind of promises and specs on a shadow machine that was at least on paper to be technically superior to the Dreamcast! Most gamer still had the bast taste in theirs mouth of the Sega Saturn and where more tempted to wait and see.

I still think the Dreamcast was superior. It had an integrated modem and internet browser out of the box, the VMU (it’s memory cars with an lcd display) it’s still something that has never been duplicated on any other system. I dare someone to tell the difference graphically of playing a title on the DC or the PS2.

But Sega couldn’t play the wait and see game that Sony started. Couldn’t keep a large inventory of console while the PS2 wasn’t still on the market. Being already in the red for the Saturn failure it was too much and Sega dropped it and ceased to be a console maker shifting it’s business to game software development only.

The DC sold around 10 millions unit and was considered a failure where it took years for the XBOX reach 20 millions units and was seen as a success.

It’s all about hype and marketing!

If you want to read more about the Dreamcast : (it’s accurate)

An old classic back to life

LOTGDI wonder if in the old days of bbs’ if you played the game known as LORD (Legend of the red dragon). Apart that it was text based it had quite some dept and with it’s add-on capability game where different from a board to another.

Well an open source project “Legend of the green dragon” created a php/mysql inspired version.

Out of curiosity I’ve installed one myself on my host.

Wanna try it? :

if you want to know more about the game:

My favourite ipod game of the week

Got that apps by a pit of curiosity. I rarely go to the gory games I don’t want to badly influence my teenager too much, if I hear that your apps have cool graphics you’ll have my attention and this one does. It’s also very playable, gameplay is awesome.

So basically it’s very classic, you shoot zombies, go into houses to get more ammo and Money. At the end of each stage you can exchange money for new weapons and medkit.

did I say the graphics are awesome?

Here’s some screen shoot: