Adobe’s CEO: “we are evaluating additional options”

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A follow up to my post from few days ago: during the Adobe’s earnings call yesterday, the company’s President and CEO Shantanu Narayen had this to say on their decision to move Photoshop to a cloud based subscription:

“Our decision to discontinue perpetual licensing of new versions of our desktop products has caused concern with some customers. While we will continue to offer CS6 on a perpetual basis, the feedback from our community is important and we are evaluating additional options that will help them with the transition. Our goal is to over-deliver on customer expectations, which we believe will make the entire community ultimately embrace Creative Cloud.”

Hopefully Adobe will provide some additional options besides a lifetime cloud subscription.

In the mean time, Photoshop CC has already been pirated one day after the oficial announcement.

Nintendo shutting down Wii online services in June

testI guess it will make a few angry, is it a way to push users to the wii U ?

From destructoid :

Nintendo shutting down Wii online services in June

Nintendo is set to kill off many of the Wii’s online services in June, running a sword through Nintendo Channel, News Channel, Forecast Channel, Everybody Votes Channel, and Mii Contest Channel. Data exchange in certain games will also be ended.

The Wii Shop Channel will continue to be in effect, because there’s no way a publisher would ever shut down something involving your money. The “Today’s Accomplishment” message board feature is being preserved as well.

With the Wii U out and Nintendo selling an offline Wii Mini, it looks like it can’t justify those online features anymore. Sucks for any Wii owners who may still like them. They probably won’t all flock to a Wii U over this, though.

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Ubuntu for your smartphone ?

It’s a great news, but it feels right now that there is only a place for two operating systems on Smartphone. We are seeing what is happing with Blackberry, WebOS. I’m not even sure if Windows 8 can make a dent in iOS and Android market share.
So even it’s a great idea, I still think it will be use only by a minority of users, like Linux box in use by personal users.
Check this article on ZDNET : Ubuntu Linux enters the smartphone wars


Android malware pandemic by year’s end

Interesting news article from Cnet. I guess this risk is bound to happen to any open environment.
Maybe instead of an approval system for apps we could instead have a developer registration program, this way you know at which door to knock if there is problem.

Security firm: Android malware pandemic by year’s end
Trend Micro warns that cyberattacks and malicious apps targeting Android smartphones are higher than previously expected.
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