Kindle ? naah! I love eReader!!

I’ve been reading ebooks for years since I have a Palm IIIx till my Palm T3. Since i have an iPod touch and i was very pleased when they made a version of it months ago, the added bonus is that I could download my previous purchases on it!

Now it’s getting even more available: eReader brings access to almost 60,000 ebooks to the BlackBerry platform

eReader had just been purchased by Barnes & Noble, so it might be very interesting to see what will happen next.


Yes, I’m being silent again. As always life get in the way. Also I’m still waiting for the iPod to get fix. Weird that this little gadget is my main line to the Internet, but that the case! I guess more and more people will be using others devices than computer to be on the net. Maybe I should check for a trendy notebook, but little keyboard, screen and no mouse is not really in my habits.