Hi guys!
Just a quick post about iOs7, so far I like it, no real glitch with the installation except on my iPad gen 3.
The problem was that after the upgrade I wasn’t able to use iMessage or Facetime anymore, I tried clearing the users setting etc. Finally I had to restore the entire thing, wasn’t too painful with the iCloud backup, and was sure I would have to reinstall all the apps one by one. It worked surprisingly well.

Now I’m just wondering if anybody tried on an iPhone 4?

New toy

Just got an android phone just for the fun of it, I got a cheap Samsung Galaxy 550.

I mainly use my Ipad and will still do so, but I thought it could be interesting to see what is on the other side after all theses years of using apple’s product.

So far I am impressed with what this little 98$ phone gives. Android itself is o.k. but it is no ios. I think it is easier to work with an iPhone/iPad, you can still get a lot done if not more with Android, but you will need to be a geek to do so.

Will keep you updated on how is life with this.