Retro Gift

Retro Radio like T got us
Retro Radio like T got us

T got me a nice little surprise yesterday 🙂

It made out of real wood and the sound is very decent. It’s really something hybrid, it does play vinyl but there is also a table player.

Classic so far? yep, but where it get interesting it’s that the CD player is actually not really a CD player but a CD recorder! So you can simply convert records and tape into CD where you could then use to convert them to mp3 with your pc.

There is also input for ipods others digital media.

Even the remote is cool having the same color tones that the unit has.

Will be fun to listen to OTR show on this!

It’s a great gift and i recommend it 🙂

You can check it on Amazon: ITRR-501 Recordable Retro Turntable

iTunes 8.1.1 gets HD movie rentals

Can’t say the last upgrade was amazing for me. Get the slowest download ever for purchase. Hope this upgrade really fix this !

Apple released iTunes 8.1.1 (68MB) via Software Update today which adds support for renting HD movies and provides bug fixes for VoiceOver and syncing with iPhone or iPod touch. More information is on the Apple Support site. by Jason D. O’Grady