A good idea to recycle that old computer

Every few year we tend to change computer, the hardware can’t cope with modern demands, so that machine usually end up gathering dust somewhere in a cupboard in case the new one get defective or that we don’t know what to do with it. Sending it to the recycler is a good idea or course, its way better than in a landfill.

However, there may be some use to it, especially if you where planning to get a NAS to share file or printers across computers in you home network or when you are away from home.

Of course, you could buy a NAS; they are relatively cheap, but why buy when you have a working old computer at home and can get free open-source software to do the same thing.

What I recommend is Amahi Home Server (http://www.amahi.org/). It will transform that old computer in an easy to use server that will enable you to share disk space across computer securely and it will be able to provide others service when your not home like music streaming, vpn, etc.

The VPN apps could be very interesting if you frequently your device over open wifi network in public places where you are susceptible to be spied on by any hacker on the same network. With a VPN connexion to you home, I’ll the surfing and transaction will be encrypted securely becoming virtually undecipherable by would be snoopers, making you surfing safe anywhere you are.

It does not require a very powerful, the minimum requirement is: 1GHz CPU, 4GB Disk, and 512MB RAM. A 10-year-old desktop could do this. You could attach all these USB hard drive you have and centralize the storage and manage who can see what. It is also practical when you forgot a file at home; you can login to your server from anywhere and get that file where you are now.

You can even manage it remotely, so you do not event need a screen and keyboard attached to it, so it can be stored out of the view.

There is so much apps available for this server that I am sure you’ll find a use for this old box sitting there picking dust.

NAS: Network Attached Storage
VPN: Virtual Private Network

It’s a zombie Jim?

Got the 10$ used power supply I was talking about in my last post at Dantech. Actually the power supply was of a better design than the original one. After the scare of having lost an hard drive, which was nothing because it was simply unplugged.

So everything is fine, no damage! Almost a miracle, never seen a situation where a power supply goes without frying something on the motherboard.

So the BBS is back, still not totally sure of it’s future, but so far it’s there!

It’s dead Jim


( mtlgeek.synchro.net is down)

So after 11 years of service this poor power supply (on the picture) fried, I had to do a shutdown for an update, when i turned it back on everything was fine, but after like 10 min. “SCrihhhhhhhhhHHHH” and a bad smell (known as “Blue smoke” see the : Blue Smoke Theory) invaded that room.

This old Pentum II 450 as been in operation since 1998. So very antiquated.

So I don’t know what I’m going to do. I was also using this server at home for storage. (this old box has more that 750GB for storage capacity) so it also was the multimedia server too. The data is safe so I’m not freaking out.  But I wonder if I’ll still be hosting a BBS, days have changed even from the 2002 when I restarted it (use to have one in the 80’s) . The thing is that in fact the scene is still very somehow active (check synchro.net for example) but yet I feel it’s fading a bit more faster lately.

With technologies like E107, yaBB someone could easily maintain a web board that would be quite similar to forums on an old text based BBS. And it could easily be hosted instead of having to dedicate a box at home for the same purpose. Any hosting with PHP/MySql would do.

The only thing right now tjat i can’t duplicate is Tradewars, it need a windows box. But I didn’t promote it much anyway because i wasn’t sure about the future of this box and if this game was still relevant. I don’t have much player for “The Legend Of The Green Dragon” and it’s simpler to access being web based and all. I feel that if it’s not a game based on facebook it doesn’t work. Sad! it feel like the web is getting too monolithic. I would like to believe that there is more to the web than google, gmail, twitter and facebook.

So I’ll see to get a replacement power supply for that box before next weekend, if there is more damage I’ll probably let it go, I probably could use an old laptop to do the same work, would take even less space. But i don’t know if I have the time and if people have the interest.

I’ll keep you posted.